December 2001
Women's Exchange
Dressing for pregnancy AND professionalism

Women may wonder about the best way to alter their wardrobe during and immediately after pregnancy while still maintaining a professional look for the office. According to image expert Sherry Maysonave, author of Casual Power: How to Power Up your Nonverbal Communication and Dress Down for Success, acquiring only a few pieces at a time is the best way to achieve an appropriate wardrobe and avoid loathing the too-familiar maternity clothing by the ninth month.

More tips from Maysonave include the following:

  • Check closets for pants and skirts that can be altered with little trouble.
  • Focus on jackets - they always add polish to an outfit, and many styles can be worn unbuttoned when necessary.
  • Stick to neutral or darker shades, and choose solid colors when buying a complete outfit.
  • Shop at resale maternity shops in upscale neighborhoods to find designer maternity wear at bargain prices; much of it has hardly been worn.
  • Focus on great accessories to draw eyes away from your middle, and always appear well-groomed, no matter how lousy you may feel.


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