January 2002
By Sherry Maysonave

Leadership With Style

What image projects leadership? Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man; naked people have little or no influence on society.” Does your clothing proclaim you as a leader? Is it accelerating your career and your social life?

With the war against terrorism, your image is even more important. Why? People are more highly attuned to the visual clues and the nonverbal messages that we continually send via our clothing, grooming, posture, and demeanor. With this, business attire has taken a more serious turn. Three levels of business attire dominate today’s business arena and the highly competitive job-search playing field. Are you properly informed?

  • Power Business Attire or Business Formal: This level requires high-quality suits, ties, and dress shirts (no button-down collars here). To be perceived as a high-level leader, opt for French-cuff shirts and classy cuff links. Silk ties and all-leather tie shoes complete the quintessential business formal outfit. What are this season’s get-ahead essentials? Navy or black pin-stripe suits by Ermenegildo Zegna; Ike Bejar CEO-collared shirts; Zegna silk ties with multidimensional geometric patterns.

  • General Business Attire: You’re still wearing a tie, however, this category is less formal as it entails a tailored sport coat worn with dress trousers. The competitive-edge must haves are these: Tailored sport coats by Zegna or Burberrys; Dress shirts by Zegna, Eton, or Ike Bejar; Dress trousers by Zanella (the finest, most comfortable dress trousers in the world); all-leather belts; dressy slip-on reptilian-print shoes.

  • Business Casual: Forget the tie, but power up your image or you risk being underestimated. What are the win-the-game necessities? Zanella trousers score again, as do fine leather jackets or sport coats. Dressy knit pullovers by St. Croix or Hugo Boss, dress shirts with collars and buttons that do not demand a tie will all proclaim you as above par, a force to be reckoned with.

Where can you pick up these “leadership-style” items? KEEPERS has the best selection of men’s clothing in Austin… in Texas… and in most of the U.S. It offers a comfortable atmosphere with an expert sales team that will help you power up to win.

By: Sherry Maysonave, President of Empowerment Enterprises LLC, and best-selling author of Casual Power: How to Power up Your Nonverbal Communication and Dress Down for Success. www.casualpower.com

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