January 2001
By Sherry Maysonave

What Are You Saying, Before You Speak A Word?

Want to get ahead in your career - or just life, in general? If so, never ignore the impact of your nonverbal communication. Pay close attention to the finer details of your image to gain the competitive edge in today’s “Situationally Sensitive” business environment. Suits are still in, but so is dressing down. However, the Business Casual pendulum is swinging away from ultracasual attire to dressy sportswear. Although casually attired, a well-dressed man makes a lasting impression in today’s complex business arena.

Faced with more apparel choices than ever before, many men feel puzzled over how to put together a casual outfit that sets them apart. To command respect and add an air of authority to your overall image, follow these five power-up tips when you are dressing down.

Add Power to Your Casual Image

  • Tailored Jackets - Power Essential
    Jackets can always be removed if you want to appear more casual

  • Quality Shirts 
       Shirts speak volumes; they take center stage when you’re not wearing a jacket

  • Dress Trousers 
    Power up with well balanced high-quality trousers

  • Stylish all-leather shoes 
      Shoes tell your secrets; buy quality and keep them in mint condition

  • Leather Belts 
      Choose belts that are expensive looking - in same color tone as your shoes

The guys at Keepers understand these key elements of exuding casual power. Their fashionable selection of dark tailored jackets features cuts from leading designers, such as Zegna, Jhanne Barnes, and Kenneth Cole. Keepers also stocks an array of Zanella trousers - the finest dress trousers in the world, in my opinion. I buy Zanella’s for my husband from Keepers on a regular basis. They are a superb foundation for any business casual outfit and they travel well to boot. In addition, Keepers offers power-comfort shirts (by Sulka, Ike Behar, and other top manufacturers) designed to be worn without a tie. Don’t forget important-looking shoes and all-leather belts to complete your casual ensembles with panache.

It’s important to recognize the opportunities that life can bring. But dress with care, making quality your middle name, and opportunity will pursue you.

By: Sherry Maysonave, President of Empowerment Enterprises LLC, and best-selling author of Casual Power: How to Power up Your Nonverbal Communication and Dress Down for Success. www.casualpower.com

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