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Sherry's Testimonials...

The following are unsolicited comments that have been received from our clients. If you have comments or a personal experience that you would like to relate, let us know.

When teaching the Powerful Presentations workshops, I traveled internationally for ten years. I worked with numerous image consultants worldwide. Sherry’s work is outstanding. Her understanding of business dress and the nonverbal communication involved is unique and superior to any consultant I have encountered.

Robert Kiyosaki
President, Cash Flow Technologies, Phoenix, AZ.
Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a New York Times, USA Today, Wallstreet Journal and Business Week Best-Selling Business Book.

Sherry's high-energy seminar on professional business attire and her related press interviews were inspiring and a success from every aspect.  The seminars took place days before September 11th. In spite of these tragic events, our store had an increase in sales in September and monthly thereafter through the end of 2001. I am convinced that Sherry's dynamic seminars and the related positive PR we received in the media were key to our success during a period when most clothing stores experienced declining sales. Thank you Sherry!

John Stern, Owner
Straus Clothing

I participated in a national competition with five thousand contenders
when I applied for a position advertised in the Wall Street Journal. The job involved leading banking acquisition seminars and required international travel. I made the first cut, down to five hundred people. At this point I was told that even though my skills were excellent, I did not have the desired look to represent this company on a worldwide basis. To stay in the running, I hired Sherry Maysonave to overhaul my image. She knew exactly what I needed. In the end, two other finalists and I were invited for a weekend in Florida. We were told to dress in Business Casual attire for most of the events. Thanks to Sherry, I knew what that meant and had several empowering Business Casual outfits from our shopping. I got the job, my dream job, due in large part to Sherry’s expertise.

David Shepherd
Business Consultant
San Diego, CA

You were a smashing success! Thank you for assisting us in making the Neiman Marcus Fall 2001 enclave such a big hit. I don’t know what we would have done without your expertise. I am still receiving great feedback about your presentation.

Jack Ferrari
Vice President, Zanella Ltd

At Prudential, we gave our employees the perk of an additional casual day. Professional attire began to rapidly disappear from our workplace and productivity was dropping. Frustrated with our efforts to correct the situation, we hired Sherry Maysonave. She conducted executive training sessions on how to manage the sensitive issues of appropriate attire and grooming, and she directed the rewriting of our outdated dress codes. Secondly, her educational, interactive workshops included all levels of our staff. The change was evident immediately. Our employees now understand the distinctions between Business Casual attire and weekend wear. We can enjoy the benefits of relaxing our dress code two days a week without jeopardizing our professionalism.

Herman Wright
Executive Director
Prudential Insurance Group
Chicago, IL

As a resort property company, we have a casual dress code. Many of our employees had become extremely lax in their attire. As a management executive, I was dismayed and concerned. One presentation from Sherry Maysonave brought about positive changes. In her entertaining speaking style, she goes beyond fashion and educates on the communication aspects of dress, grooming, accessories, posture and demeanor. Men and women sit on the edge of their chairs; both are eager for Sherry’s information. I will continue to have Sherry in for refresher courses and training for all employees.

Melissa Rebowe
Watersedge, International
Vancouver, Canada

Sherry’s understanding of clothing and empowerment approaches the magical. The business wardrobe that she put together for me instantly catapulted me to a higher level of professionalism. Each garment reflects excellent taste and suits me perfectly. I now dress quickly and confidently for my speaking engagements, meetings, and conferences. Prepared for the boardroom as well as casual business settings, I consistently project an image that is appropriately professional and powerful. Packing for my complex travel schedule is simplified now that I follow Sherry’s capsule wardrobe plan.

Dr. Betty Sue Flowers
English Professor: The University of Texas
Member of the World Business Council

Sherry Maysonave’s expertise and energy has empowered so very many of us. From 1991 to 1995, she coordinated our annual fund-raiser fashion show. Due to the event’s huge success, our membership quadrupled and our overall community image has been greatly elevated under Sherry’s leadership. Sherry is one of our most popular speakers at our organizational meetings. Individual members report miraculous changes, just by hearing Sherry’s dynamic presentations on the benefits of a professional image.

Catherine Richard
1995 President
The Women’s Council of Realtors
Austin, TX

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