Sherry's work
is outstanding. Her understanding of business dress and
the nonverbal communication involved is unique and superior to any consultant I have encountered.

Robert Kiyosaki
President, Cash Flow Technologies, Phoenix, AZ.


Empowerment Works!

What are you communicating before you speak a word? When you speak, your voice tones, speech patterns, grammar and accent leave clues about your background and lifestyle. Many people fail to recognize an important communication rule: nonverbal messages actively transmit from a person's appearance and mannerisms during verbal communication.

Contrary to what you may believe, 
what you say does not erase the impression 
you are making through your appearance.

In my consulting work, innumerable executives have shared that they have received promotions and raises because of the constancy and reliability of their professional dress. Combined with their businesslike demeanor and attitudes, they gained the edge and were often times selected over and above other contenders who were better qualified in different ways.

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