I am going to be entering the business world once I graduate from college. I am trying to create a professional looking wardrobe and am wondering if ankle-length skirts are appropriate, or should I stick to something below the knee?

Ankle-length skirts are indeed acceptable for wear in a business environment. That is, as long as they are made of daytime, businesslike fabrics. Of course, you want to avoid social or evening type fabrics and styles for business wear.

You are on the right track for skirt lengths that are considered professional. Knee-length and ankle-length are deemed the most professional lengths for skirts. Avoid the mid-calf length, which can easily appear frumpy. To keep your longer skirts in the range of ankle-length, wear them exactly at the ankle area or up to 4” above the top of the anklebone.

The Wharton School of Business, one of the most prestigious business schools in the U.S., says that a woman can wear a short skirt up to 3” above the knee and maintain a professional appearance. However, she must wear hosiery to be perceived as professional when wearing a short style.

Hosiery requirements vary from company to company. It’s important to be informed on a company’s dress code and all dress requirements. When interviewing, I recommend that you wear appropriate legwear regardless of what you have heard about a company’s dress policy.

I applaud you for thinking ahead about building a business wardrobe before you graduate!

Best of luck to you,
Sherry Maysonave


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