Sherry's understanding of clothing and empowerment approaches the magical. The business wardrobe that she put together for me instantly catapulted me to a higher level of professionalism.

Dr. Betty Sue Flowers
Professor: The University of Texas
Member of the World Business Council




What is Business Presence?

A powerful business presence exudes high-level professionalism in attire, posture, conduct, and verbal skills as well as displaying confidence, leadership, and personal power in a businesslike manner. A powerful business presence conveys on the nonverbal level: "I am intelligent; I have choices; I am resourceful; I can be authoritative, easily managing and inspiring other people; and I am capable of handling any business situation in this field, including conflict and curve balls."

Know the components of business presence, and learn how to use them to your advantage:

  • Attire - all aspects of your clothing selections, including accessories such as shoes, jewelry, eye-glasses, etc.
  • Hair - style, color, condition, length
  • Grooming - overall cleanliness, and personal presentation, including fragrances use and abuse
  • Posture - confidence in the way you hold yourself
  • Demeanor -unspoken emotional overtones, mannerisms, and body language
  • Business Accessories -such as briefcases, pens, technology tools, etc.
  • Communication Skills - articulation, eye contact, and effective listening
  • Etiquette Skills - the right handshake, business protocols, and courtesies


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Sherry defines three levels of "business attire", one of which is "business casual".
Demystifying Business Casual
The word “business” is still the primary focus. Casual as it relates to apparel merely means "informal". Being too casual in business can sabotage your career.
Power Colors
Which color have an air of authority, which undermine a businesslike statement?

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Some pants that are "hot" on the fashion scene spell sabotage for you when worn in the workplace.

Jeans in the Workplace
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Professional Demeanor

Inspiring Trust
You can inspire the opportunity for others to trust you with these characteristics...

Success Tips

Defining Your Business Presence
  Today’s Business Attire
Demystifying Business Casual
Power Colors
Pants in the Workplace
Jeans in the Workplace
Professional Demeanor
Inspiring Trust
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