I am a professional business woman and wear exclusively skirted suits or natural fiber dresses for the work place. I normally have a pretty good sense of what is appropriate and what is not. However, I have a dilemma I have a lovely wool suit that is very pale pink and light cream. I have no idea what color shoes to wear. I was thinking pink but think that may be too girly girl for the work place. Is cream acceptable even though I may be wearing this suit in the winter?

Pink shoes would be beautiful with your suit for social occasions, but not for business environments. You hit the nail on the head; pink would just look too girlie-girl with the emphasis upon the “too,” as aspects of “girlie” are okay.

Cream shoes work okay for the Spring/Summer seasons, but their ordinary. You have more fashionable options that will set you apart, making a first-class statement. For example, matte metallic, camel, or taupe would look classier and be appropriate all seasons. If you opt for the matte metallic style, choose the shade, either in gold, silver, or pewter, of your favorite jewelry metal. Metallic shoes are considered the must-have neutral this Spring and Summer, but be sure that the metallic is matte finish, appropriate for daytime, not the glittery finish appropriate for evening. Metallic shoes look great with white, ivory, and other summery bright colors. Camel is also quite fashionable and looks fabulous with pink, particularly the lighter camel shades (not the darker cognac tones). Taupe comes in many shades; the pinker tones of taupe would be preferred, but may be difficult to find. With that said, I vote for the metallic or camel hue.

Best of luck to you,
Sherry Maysonave

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