What type of dresses are appropriate for the workplace?

On those time-crunched days, there’s nothing like throwing on a terrific-looking dress when you don’t have time to coordinate separates. Clearly, dresses can simplify and shorten the getting dressed process.

However, you have asked a quite important question regarding wearing dresses in the workplace. Many dresses on the marketplace are not appropriate as they convey more of a social attitude. Dresses made of floral and/or fruity prints are prime examples of those not appropriate for a business setting. In addition to those, dresses made of spandex, denim, see-through sheers or other evening fabrics, and the overly ornate types are simply not professional. Evening styles or those with long full skirts do not qualify either. Then we have those that are sleeveless, low cut, overly tight, too baggy, or too short. None of which will get you ahead in your career.

Speaking of the too baggy styles, you know those that resemble a sack and tie in the back? Those do not cut the mustard for the workplace either, even when they are made in a jumper style. No type of sun dress belongs in the workplace, regardless of the fabric.

By now, you’re probably asking, “With such a long list of dresses that do not fit on the appropriate list, which ones do command respect in the workplace?” Dresses designed in a more tailored style work well. The classic coat dress is a superb example. Look for dresses that are made in solid color or geometric print fabrics. Whether the dress is long or short, simple straight lines and day-time fabrics speak the professional language. Day-time fabrics, such as wool, heavy cotton, linen, rayon, jersey, and silk will work hard for you on the job.

Sleeveless dresses that come with a matching jacket cover the social and workplace realms. Wear the dress with the jacket for the office and without for social occasions. They are excellent choices for those days when you have a social function or dinner after work, with no time to change. Simply remove your jacket and your set for dinner or a social occasion. If the situation requires a dressier look, take dressier jewelry and shoes to change into for the evening function.

There are numerous styles that go the office well; whatever style you choose, just make sure that it looks great on you.


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