I just read your comments on the "Power Suit" and agree with your thoughts, but I have a question. I just started a job at a large car dealership completing finance papers and been wearing the Power Suit with the hem hitting about 3" or 4" above my knee. I wear 3" or 4" pumps with nude hose. I really like the look and get lots of compliments. The problem is that when I am sitting with customers, my hem rides maybe 6" to 8" inches up when I cross my legs (or higher if I don't tug on it). I am ok with it and nobody said anything but I would be interested in your thoughts on the matter. I have my own cubical which is somewhat private.

It’s the overall specs that count. Four inches above the knee when worn with 4” inch heels and topped off with nude hose is a bit short for a financial professional. As in, “ooh-la-la - that’s a lot of leg!
While car dealerships are generally less formal than other financial institutions, you do not want to be out of line with their standards. You are right to question it as the overall look you describe is pushing the envelope for professionalism, particularly when sitting.

You can keep a similar look by dropping the skirt hem by one or 1 1/2” inches or by changing to a 2 _” heel height. Also dark hosiery is back in vogue; so you may want to opt for black or off-black, or gray hosiery tones when you’re wearing a dark suit. That would allow you to enjoy wearing the shorter skirt while minimizing the leggy look.

Lastly, I advise that you do NOT cross your legs when you are with clients if you’re wearing a short skirt. The fitted straight styles in particular can ride up quite high on the thigh, which creates a distasteful unprofessional appearance in a business environment. Keep your knees together for the completion of paperwork or when visiting with clients. You can remain comfortable and look professional by sitting erect with your knees together and with your calves and ankles extended slightly to the side. One foot can relax back a bit. Try it; it’s comfy and it’s a female sitting posture that commands respect.

Best of luck to you,
Sherry Maysonave

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