Is it inappropriate to wear long skirts and long dresses in the workplace, regardless, if it's a casual or professional environment?

Long skirts and long dresses can be appropriate for traditional business and business causal environments. That is, as long as they are made of daytime businesslike fabrics, such as wool, linen, silk, cotton, knit, or micro-fiber blends.

The style and cut of the skirt is also important. For example, a long skirt or dress that has a thigh-high slit in the front, back, or side is inappropriate for any business environment. Slits should only come to the knee or slightly above to convey professionalism. Tailored skirt styles (straight, pleated, gored, and bias cuts) are deemed the most professional. With that, extra-full ball gown styles and sleek mermaid cuts are no-no’s for the workplace, as are extremely tight or spandex styles. Long, sleeveless dresses are also inappropriate in most workplaces, except in the beauty and fashion industries. Ordinarily, they are more suited for social occasions, not for the business arena.

Ankle length or only a few inches above the ankle is the ideal length for long skirts. Avoid the mid-calf length, which can easily appear frumpy and make the wearer appear heavier. To keep your longer skirts in the professional range, wear them exactly at the ankle area or up to 4” above the top of the anklebone.

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