I have finally found several pantsuits that I like and look good on me, however I'm perplexed on what to wear underneath. I don't want panty lines and I want to maintain a smooth figure. I do wear hosiery and pumps with the pantsuits, but my question is, what's more appropriate, control top pantyhose, or a slacks liner with sheer knee highs, or even non-control pantyhose with a shaper bottom over that?

Kudos to you for already wearing hosiery and pumps with your pantsuits! Actually, all of the options that you list will help to create a smooth line when wearing pants. Since you already strive for a smooth look, your preferences are the key. There are no hard and fast rules on this issue except that panty lines are detestable, far from being desirable.

Nonetheless, there are a few factors to consider when creating the smoothest optimum look. For example, will you be wearing a blouse or top under the jacket and will you be tucking it in? Control-top pantyhose styles or body shapers will give you the smoothest look when tucking in a blouse or top. This is particularly true when the top or blouse is made of a medium-to-heavy fabric and of such a length that it creates a line across the middle of your abdomen and hips. All of this becomes even more relevant if you plan on removing the jacket.

If you prefer to wear knee-high hosiery without pant liners or body shapers, it’s then essential that you wear control/shaper panties. Knee-high hosiery worn in this fashion look best when you’re not tucking in a top or blouse, especially when the pant fabric is a light-to-medium weight.

Another important factor to consider is your hip set. Is it high, medium, or low? Higher hip lines are fuller at the waist area. Some heavy-duty control/shaper products actually push more flesh up around the waist, adding visual pounds in that area.

Keep in mind that control-top pantyhose or shaper undergarments are also needed when an extremely snug fit is preferred or when wearing light colored or lightweight pants.

Best of luck to you,
Sherry Maysonave


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