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You can read this book and walk away with information that you can use and that can make a difference in your life.

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From Readers of Casual Power...  

The following are unsolicited emails that have been received from readers of Casual Power. If you have comments or a personal experience that you would like to relate, let us know.

"This book is intended for anyone who doesn't need to wear a uniform to work÷ The author gives you the rules to give you the type of appearance and command that you are looking for. There book is easy to read and fun. There are plenty of examples and how to's. I have spent several years in the career placement and services field and find this book very appropriate for those doing a job search as well as entry-level individuals. The book also would make an ideal gift for a college graduate. To close, you can read this book and walk away with information that you can use and that can make a difference in your life."

Amazon Review, August 16, 2002, Kent, Ohio

"Intriguing, helpful, fun and engrossing.... and especially relevant for today's Avon Representatives who are interested in maximizing their professional image in a contemporary and more casual way. A must read!"

Tricia Smith, Director, Avon Beauty Advisor Program
March 25, 2002

A worthy successor to John Malloy's advice. This book is a must have for anyone who doesn't wear a uniform to work. Yes, of course, I have a personally inscribed copy, but that's not important. What is important is the information you'll glean--this book goes beyond the usual "change your look, change your life" advice. Sherry Maysonave also covers topics such as the nonverbal communication cues that convey power and authority (or lack thereof).

From the best color combinations to pulling together a great casual look, even on a tight budget, this book is jammed with great advice. You'll be able to unjam your closet and pass up clothes that no longer meet your work needs. You'll save the price of the book over and over again by not buying those "McSly" favorites. You'll also save time every morning by not staring at a closet full of clothes that you can't wear to work.

Maggie Boleyn
March 17, 2002

Thank you Avon for your partnership with this wonderful author! As a Representative and Beauty Advisor and I purchased the book the moment I saw it in my Beauty Advisor newsletter. It's awesome and has really helped me boost my confidence as a Representative, but more importantly as a business woman of "power." The book had some great tips and ideas that I will use for myself, as well as for my Avon Customers. I read the book from cover to cover almost without stopping!

Karen Patterson, Avon Representative & Beauty Advisor
Austin, TX., April 30, 2002

For the past 24 years, getting dressed to go to work as a registered nurse hasn't been much of a challenge thanks to the uniform. However, getting dressed as a self-employed Avon Independent Sales Representative who wants to be taken seriously as an aspiring and successful business woman is a major challenge for me.

My modest investment in your book is sure to save me from wasting precious time and money shopping while allowing me more time to spend on enjoying my business and its growth. Thank you Sherry Maysonave for writing a beautiful book to "get me dressed for success". Casual Power, with its easy to read format and beautifully presented photographs of clothing, jewelry, and style, is a priceless business tool. My beauty business is motivated by my desire to help people look and feel the best they can be. Casual Power is a book that does just that and it will be featured in my next sales presentation as an affordable tool for success.

Saco, Maine, April 4, 2002

This book is powerful. I used to be a sundress and sandal type of gal, not realizing what I was actually telling my customers about me. This book changed by life! After changing my look and what I wore, I became a sales director with the nations leading cosmetic company. The comments I received from others were remarkable. They weren't sure what changed, but I was looking great. That alone showed me I was getting the respect and admiration I was looking for to build my business. I tell all of my consultants about this book and stress that they read it in the first month of their business. Thanks Sherry, for changing my life!

Gena Strang, Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics
Clovis, California, March 14, 2002

"First, let me say how much I enjoyed Casual Power.... it not only gave me some great ideas how to dress effectively, but I  was able to update my look so I would not appear stuck in the ice age.  Casual Power really brought into focus the differences between "casual" and "Power Casual". Thank you for writing such a practical and helpful book that even men who don't really get fashion can easily use."

Phil Cataldo
Revere, MA.,  March 31, 2002

Beautiful "How to" Book. Practical advice in a beautifully-dressed package, this book practices what it preaches. Designed for both entry-level and current business people, this guide not only tells you what to do, but it includes real life examples and pictures to SHOW you what to do. Sure, it seems a little conservative but you know what? Classic style goes a lot further than trendy fashions when it comes to appropriate business dress. Should be immediate required reading.

Brigette M.
Plano, Texas
January 2002

" I have been home with my children for 7 years, and have taken better care of them than I have myself. The principles in Casual Power have been life-changing for me. The McSly in my closet, my life, and my psyche is no longer welcome."

Quincy, Illinois

"I've recently borrowed "Casual Power" from a friend, and WOW! I'm convinced that 10 years of doing the work without the promotion was largely due to my inappropriate clothing style. The book is as high-class as the information.  Rich and detailed content, visually appealing illustrations and graphics printed on paper that is a pleasure to touch.   Thank you for a great book and a very informative web site. Well done."

Seattle, Washington

I love the book! I have read many books on image, colors and shape analysis but your book is by far the most informative one! It is USEFUL!!!!

Tuula Ryde, Ph.D.
Manager, Dispersion Technology
»lan Pharmaceutical Technologies
King of Prussia, PA 19406
January 2001

A Powerful Motivator!

I found this book to be extremely informative. I was immediately inspired to clean out my closet and to think twice about what I wear to work!

Kathryn Mueller 
Houston, Texas 
January 6, 2001

The Best in its Field

I am an image consultant. I give seminars and workshops for corporations on the importance of appearance and corporate protocol in the business world. One of my major seminars deals with the problem of looking like a professional in a dressed-down world. Sherry's book is the best I have ever read on the subject. In fact, it is so good that I am using it in all my seminars as a textbook. And I have given it as a gift to all my private clients as well. The book is clear, crisp and utterly professional. It has wonderful illustrations and clear explanations for the psychology behind color and style. And it gives excellent guidelines for dressing well at every level of business dressing whether dot.com casual or more traditional and conservative. I couldn't recommend it more highly, except to say I wish I had written it myself. 

Adele Riepe 
Image Solutions, New York

September 11, 2000

Sherry's book is enjoyable, informative and timely. It was much needed in an age where many companies are struggling with the definition of casual attire in their workplace. I've recommended this book very highly to several of my colleagues who have founded Internet or dot-com startups and have to deal with blue jeans and torn tee-shirts, even in the front office. In an industry where even the slightest competitive advantage can translate into a several million-dollar contract, the power of personal presentation is ever-so important and Sherry Maysonave provides readers with several formulas for success. It was a quick read which was essential for the millions out there like me who have 70-80 hour work weeks. Her examples of "what not-to-do" were extremely informative as were all of the psychological details behind each approach, especially for those who may "overlook" the impact that even slight changes to their attire can have. Highly recommended. Must read for employees wanting to increase and solidify their personal persona - all HR managers worldwide should be distributing to their new employees!!

Chad Gibbons 
Austin, TX USA  
August 14, 2000

This is an EXCELLENT book. Well written, wonderful suggestions, great tips. Great book for women in any aspect of business.

A reader
Johnson Creek, WI USA
August 13, 2000

A 'Must Have' book for women in male-dominated corporations

For women, most of what department stores carry is "failure clothing"-learn how to spot it and how to avoid it. First read John T. Molloy's original "Women's Dress for Success" from the 1970's-the scientific research gives the essential understanding that clothing and colors have on other's psyches. John gives the psychology behind the color and style and Sherry will show you how to put "current classics" together in a cost effective "Capsule Wardrobe". Both teach you how to "cross shop"-go to the most expensive store in town and look at, feel, try on (but don't buy) a skirt suit. Then go to the cheapest and do the same-it's fun even for someone who really hates to shop.

As a female scientist for a proclaimed "business casual" large male-dominated corporation, I decided to try a little "experiment" on my coworkers about 3 months ago (poor buggers didn't know they were lab rats). I wore the color combinations Molloy suggests and the current classics Maysonave shows in Casual Power. I was both angry and delighted. I was angry that nothing has really changed much in 30 years-my male coworkers can dress like man-children (short-sleeved plaid shirts and rumply Dockers) while I'm treated equivalently or better only when wearing a skirt suit with the right color combinations (2 colors, solids, high contrast). I'm also delighted that this really works! The change in the way I'm treated and the way I feel in my clothes works in harmony to command more respect, confidence and opportunity in the workplace.

Formerly a devout garage-sale junkie I am now a "no more 'McSly'" convert with a streamlined "capsule" wardrobe. Imagine compliments like "wow" and "great job" and "I'd like you on this project" and "I need your opinion on this". John showed me how to avoid "failure clothing" (butterfly barrettes, sailboats, flowers, rounded collars, mustard or lavender suits) and Sherry showed me how to turn 3 suits, a few shirts, a few pieces of jewelry, 2 pr. of shoes and 3 scarves into a great wardrobe.

A reader 
Houston, TX United States 
August 6, 2000

"Casual Power" Reveals: You Are What You Wear

Sherry Maysonave's Casual Power, ostensibly a guide for business casual attire, transcends itself and emerges as a faithful guide to understanding how your appearance can affect your fate. Witty and humorous, the book is unapologetic in defining what is, and what is not, appropriate dress in the "new" relaxed business environment. Maysonave's shrewd advice is applicable to anyone interested in taking control of his or her own destiny. It is especially beneficial, however, to "self saboteurs" unaware of the influence or success they may be sacrificing because they overlook or underestimate the ramifications of their own appearance.

Sara Canaday 
Austin, TX
July 24, 2000

Simply, THE BEST

Sherry Maysonave's CASUAL POWER is, without a doubt, the most informative, useful and entertaining guide to business and casual dress I have ever had the opportunity to read... Packed full of wonderfully useable information one can apply to any 'what should I wear' scenario... I highly recommend CASUAL POWER to anyone, male and female, who is interested in taking a serious 'step forward' in their career, or anyone who wants to present a solid, professional personna to the world... Love it... Keep up the good work, Sherry...

Nell R. Blakely 
Commerce, TX
July 10, 2000

A "Must Read" in today's business world

"Casual Power" went right to my problem area. I have only been in the 'working world' for two years. Within the first year of my job, they switched the company's policy from 'business attire' to 'business casual.' While the initial announcement excited me (being straight out of college- I had TONS of casual clothes!), I then realized that it would be harder to dress each morning because I wasn't sure as to what 'business casual' actually meant- nor did they have a clear description. After reading Sherry's book I was able to distinguish between 'business casual' and 'too casual,' and shop for the basic essentials to get me started out right.

Thanks Sherry...it was time someone addressed this issue!

Bethesda, Maryland
June 16, 2000

This is a very interesting, well-organized, excellent book! It contains so much detailed information that nobody would be confused any longer as to what to wear and how to wear it for any particular occasion. I was very impressed with the author for her deep psychological knowledge and observation. After reading this book,which is also amusing and intriguing, I could feel myself transformed in a way! Anybody can learn and benefit a lot from it, but for a business person, this book should be one of his or her deskside books. I also think that every company, big or small, should have this book in its library.

Kazuko Morimoto
San Francisco

Dear Sherry,

LOVE the book.  Just bought it for my  sister, and had to place an order for a second copy as I'm keeping this one!  I've got Post-it page markers on a dozen key points so I can refer back to them.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, where you see the full gamut of clothing at the Theater, the Art Museum and "formal" dinner parties, everything from terrific designer outfits to clothes I wouldn't even wear when weeding my garden!  With  your coaching I am much more confident on my office wear, but would really appreciate some help on what to wear for weekend errand running.

A reader 
Pacific Northwest

Dear Ms Maysonave-

THE  guide for the sartorially challenged, and have helped people like us with a  resource book we can use to supplement our "Dress for Success"   seminars.  

John Stern
Straus Clothing

After seeing Sherry Maysonave on the 'Today Show' I have to admit that I was somewhat curious about her book and so I decided to buy it. I actually did this more with my son in mind than myself. As Greg is getting ready to graduate from the University of Colorado in Boulder just the thought of what he might wear to his interviews was enough to keep me awake at night! And even if he somehow could manage to pull something together for the interviews, what he would wear once he got the job was even scarier! Reading "Casual Power" was like a dream come true. Not only should this book be sold in every university and college book store in the country, in my mind it should be considered as a 'required reading assignment' in some business classes.  I thought this book was such a great tool that I ordered 5 copies as 'college graduation' gifts for my sons friends. They're all on their way into the working world w/varying engineering/computer science type degrees...and yet most of them have little or NO sense of how to go about putting together a wardrobe that will work easily and assure them of always being 'appropriately casual' No doubt a lot of people are going to find this book to be a very useful tool but for college grads...it's a no brainer!

Barbara Hofmeister 
Rockville Centre, New York 
May 1, 2000

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