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In Casual Power, Sherry Maysonave gives guidelines for taking control of your image... full of wonderful suggestions and great tips-- perfect for getting the casual business look right. 

June Weir, former editor at Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Mirabella, The New York Times, Fashion Editor and Assistant Publisher of Women's Wear Daily and the first woman Vice President at Fairchild Publications.


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Sherry knows what she is talking about and she has the power to bring out the best in you.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week Best-Selling Business Book. 

Brain Food. Some more good resources to peruse... Casual Power... decodes what casual means, discussing the nonverbal aspects of clothes and body language.

Entrepreneurs Start-Ups Magazine
By Roger McGarvey & Babs S. Harrison

Casual Power... Shows how to command respect, inspire trust, and project personal power when dressed down for business. Emphasizes nonverbal aspects of clothing, demeanor, and body language. Also addresses appropriate casual attire in the workplace and at social invitations requesting casual dress.

Recommended Selection
The Center for Professional Communication
Neely School of Business, Texas Christian University

A well illustrated book about the dressing-down trend. In just 229 pages, this book will set you straight, as it lays down guidelines and no-nos and clears up what she refers to as CCS (casual confusion syndrome).... Using case studies, illustrations and photographs, the book differentiates business casual from five other classifications of informal dress: active casual, rugged casual, sporty casual, smart casual and dressy casual. In other words, there's casual, and then there's casual...The book is more than a fashion guide. It actually takes the reader into the subconscious realm of why clothing is important... But if you want a clear-cut answer to the question, "What is business casual, anyway?" this is the book for you.

Mary White
American Bankers Association

Actress Julia Robertís movie Erin Brockovich struck a nerve with many Americans. While 90 percent of U.S. companies have at least one casual dress day a week, many rising stars wonder how to dress down without looking less than professional.

  • Can business-casual attire affect your earnings?
  • What should managers do if they have an Erin Brockovich?

Author Sherry Maysonave offers the answers to these and other questions while handing out tips on how your appearance can boost your career.

Success Magazine
Success Marketplace Book Review  

This is a map through today's "business casual" minefield. Its subtitle is "How to power up your non-verbal communication and dress down for success."

Business attire changed dramatically in the 1990s as companies moved away from blue suits, and techno-revolutionaries made shorts and flip-flops working attire.

Maysonave details six kinds of casual categories, includes a quiz to determine if the reader is too casual or too dressy, and offers shoe-care tips and a packing guide.

One of her best lines is: "Women are more easily disempowered with casual dress than men."

This is a must for working adults, especially those just getting on a career track.

Susan Phinney
Seattle Post-Intellegencer

Full of practical advice on how to put your best self forward, this book covers everything from putting together a basic wardrobe to explaining the (often confusing) intricacies of casual dressing. Before and after sketches of client makeovers are particularly helpful in demonstrating the impact of attire.

Annette Richmond, Founder & CEO, Career-intelligence.com

In Casual Power, Sherry Maysonave gives guidelines for taking control of your imageÖ.. full of wonderful suggestions and great tips -- perfect for getting the casual business look right. Her list of looks that distract from your personal power and jeopardize your professional effectiveness is worth the price of the book alone.

June Weir, former editor at Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Mirabella, The New York Times, Fashion Editor and Assistant Publisher of Women's Wear Daily and the first woman Vice President at Fairchild Publications.

CJ's Book of the Month
September 2001

A CJLutz Fashion WWWeb Bookstore

With such confusion about business attire, this is a wonderful book to have in the company library. We especially like this book because it has easy suggestions, as well as photographs that define casual, business casual, and business attire.

ID Book Club Recommendation
Kim Zoller, President, Image Dynamics, Inc

Casual Power shows you how to communicate your very best -- Sherry's understanding of nonverbal communication is outstanding. Now everyone can enjoy her gift of understanding that visual communication is critically important to what we communicate.

Dean Ellen A. Wartella, Dean of the College of Communication, University of Texas , Austin, and Walter Cronkite Regents Chair in Communication

Just like the Internet is changing business rules, everyone needs to understand how business casual dress can empower or sabotage the individual. This is a globally important, must-read book.

Mas Morimoto, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, Netscape

Sherry's insights and case studies are unique and revealing.  Facts, not theory, on how to positively impact your career and your daily life. The perfect guidebook for dressing down for success.

Jack Steeg, Vice President, Dell Computer

An insightful and fresh look at the art of communicating.

Peggy Hubble, Director, Christian-Hubble Media & Communications, former Director of Media Relations, NBC News and PBS

Whether in Japan or elsewhere in the global economy, business attire is a key part of your non-verbal communication. Read, learn, and prosper using Sherry's principles and tips in Casual Power.

Y. Toi, President, Nichimen Data Systems, Japan

Casual Power goes right to the heart of the relationship between clothing and empowerment. A lot can be learned from this wise and useful book. A classic.

Dr. Betty Sue Flowers, Professor, Business Consultant and Editor, Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth

How we present ourselves has always been important, but never more so than today;  and yet many are confused and frustrated, looking for guidance when it appears none exists. Whether you think you are confused or not, Casual Power will make a difference in how successful you can become.

Dick Williams, Chairman, Quokka Sports, Inc.

Job-Interview.net recommends Casual Power for showing you how to dress for success on your interview. Casual Power is a featured selection and recommended by their job seekers.


Go straight to the heart of the relationship between clothing and empowerment. This book could make a difference in how successful you can become.

Oklahoma Department of CareerTech
Resource Center

Communication-image expert Sherry Maysonave says the problem with casual dress is that some people think "casual" means their appearance doesn't matter. How wrong they are!

Bill Thompson, Founder EyeOnBooks.com
Audio Interview of Sherry Maysonave about Casual Power

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Casual Power, The definitive guidebook on how to project a positive image when dressed up or down for business.

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