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Our employees now understand the distinctions between Business Casual attire and weekend wear.
We can enjoy the benefits of relaxing our dress code two
days a week without jeopardizing our professionalism.

Herman Wright,
Executive Director Prudential Insurance


corporate dress code

A Corporate Dress Code Policy that Works!

A corporate dress code policy is the foundation on which to build your business image and to provide a respectful, productive work environment. A document with clear guidelines is the best way to ensure that employees understand what is appropriate and what is not.

With 25 years of experience dealing with business attire issues, we know what works. We offer custom corporate dress code policies and packages beginning at $475. Options include complete customization, achieved through several hours of personal consultation, and detailed PowerPoint presentations with photographic examples.

With over 100 acceptable and not acceptable items listed, your staff will have clarity on appropriate image.

Contact us to learn more about corporate dress code policies.

Now on
video & DVD!

“Brand a Positive
Business Image” Video & DVD series.

This three-part video series provides a proven turn-key solution for enhancing your business image. You will learn how to project credibility and confidence in any working environment.


Also Available:
Casual Power, The definitive guidebook on how to project a positive image when dressed up or down for business.

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