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After working with Sara, I am being taken more seriously as a business owner and my new look more accurately reflects the years, experience, and influence I have in my field.

Patricia Parks DeNucci
DeNucci & Co.
Austin, TX


Personal Consulting Services

Personal Services

In the first 30 seconds of an encounter, before any words are exchanged, you have already made a lasting impression. Your choices of clothing, hairstyle, make-up and demeanor affect the way others react to you. This natural instinct for people to read visual cues can be used to your advantage. Working with a Certified Consultant is one of the most powerful steps you can take to become the person you want to be.
Image Assessment
Your professional and personal goals are the focus of this session. Both you and a consultant will thoroughly assess your overall image, including posture, demeanor, body type, hairstyle, eyeglasses, clothing, and accessories. This interview will provide the foundation and roadmap to create your authentic image—an image that will be your ally in achieving future goals.
Wardrobe Analysis
This intensive look at your entire wardrobe will leverage your current items, eliminating garments that don't work, and coordinating outfits that do from your existing pieces, including accessories. In addition to the organizational benefits of this process, your consultant will develop a strategy for adding new items based on your priorities, budget, and timeline.
Purchase Power
Armed with a clear sense of what you need to maximize your clothing inventory, a consultant will scout and pre-select additions that will complete your new image. Then you will pick from garments and accessories that have been carefully chosen for you, those that maximize your personal style, coloring, and body type. This is power shopping made easy. There is no obligation to purchase any items. Your consultant will be there to help—guiding you to the most appropriate retailers and coordinating purchases with your existing wardrobe and priorities

For more information about our consulting services contact
Sherry Maysonave (512)306-0178

Now on
video & DVD!

“Brand a Positive
Business Image” Video & DVD series.

This three-part video series provides a proven turn-key solution for enhancing your business image. You will learn how to project credibility and confidence in any working environment.


Also Available:
Casual Power, The definitive guidebook on how to project a positive image when dressed up or down for business.


Personal Service!
Contact a Certified Consultant trained by Sherry to learn more about our services and what they can do for you.

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