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Certified Image Consultants

Certified Consultant:
Jennifer Todoroff

Jennifer Todoroff’s business experience includes executive recruiting, retail/sales and public relations. While working with a leading executive recruiter, Jennifer learned the importance of nonverbal communication and how it can be used as a tool for success. In retail, Jennifer assisted customers in choosing appropriate, empowering attire for business and social occasions. Public relations provided Jennifer the experience and methodology for properly assessing customer needs and conducting accurate consumer market research.

Sherry Maysonave, author of Casual Power, and internationally acknowledged expert in communication and image, selected Jennifer to train with Empowerment Enterprises. As a Certified Communication and Image Consultant Jennifer assists clients with wardrobe planning, image assessment, presentation skills, and nonverbal communication. In addition, Jennifer has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Marketing with additional focus in fashion merchandising, psychology and entrepreneurship from Baylor University.

Jennifer’s education, experience, training, and enthusiastic personality are the foundation for her Image Consulting knowledge and expertise. Currently she specializes in the personal developmental services offered by Empowerment Enterprises, and has worked with clients in San Francisco, New York, Houston and Austin.

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