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The world treats you as you treat yourself.

Robert Panté


Business Casual Stories


To succeed in any field, an image that is credible or congruent with what you do is important... you should communicate through your image that you are believable for the business you are in.

Claudia is an interior designer. She was unaware that, consciously and unconsciously, people check out how she dresses to see if they are interested in hiring her to decorate their homes or offices. Her plain, dowdy image conveys no clues that she is a talented designer with an exceptional aptitude for color schemes, textures and architectural lines.

For credibility, Claudia needs to embody the same sophisticated flair that she can bestow upon a room. While Claudia’s jacket is still a floral, it has rich pizzazz... a classic jacket in silk jacquard with red, olive, and brown highlights. The brick red silk blouse is an unusual yet smashing choice. Her overall image is now intriguing and demonstrates her extraordinary capabilities as a designer.

Soon after Claudia’s makeover, another designer (one that was too ill to work) referred her to a doctor’s group that was redecorating. In the elevator after that appointment, two attorneys asked her to take a look at their suite. They were so impressed with her professionalism and her design work that they introduced her to their friend, a well-established architect. Claudia has been exceptionally busy from referral business ever since and is now looking for a second assistant.

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