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Sherry's insights and case studies are unique and revealing.  Facts, not theory, on how to positively impact your career and your daily life.

Jack Steeg, Vice President, Dell Computer


Business Casual Stories


Lawrence is an upper-level manager of a high-tech company that has an across-the-board casual dress code. He aspires to be the CEO of a computer software company that does international business.

In his plaid shirt, faded jeans, and hiking boots, Lawrence completely fails to project any indication of formality. He doesn’t even appear to be upper-executive material, much less a CEO of an international company.

Lawrence thought the military look made him appear authoritative, but his hair was too short for his large head. 

Authority always speaks and dresses with hints of formality. We dressed Lawrence in current classics: a high-quality, tropical-wool suit in black with a crisp-white, long-sleeved, banded-collar shirt — not heavily starched, but the collar and cuffs were impeccably pressed. Contrasting color tones lend a definite air of authority. High-quality, all-leather tie shoes (not slip-ons) and a high-caliber, all-leather dress belt add the finishing authoritative touches.

Lawrence was shocked at how comfortable his new duds felt on his body. His powerful, commanding reflection in the mirror wowed even him. When I last spoke to Lawrence, he had two job offers... both for CEO positions.

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