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The apparel oft proclaim the man.

Shakerspeare, Hamlet


Business Casual Stories

Take Control

"A man cannot dress, but his ideas get clothed at the same time," wrote Laurence Sterne in Tristram Shandy.  Take his words to heart to avoid being a casual casualty when dressing down for business.

Remember, you are always, always conveying nonverbal messages. Employ the nonverbal realm to work on your team, for you, rather than against you.  Listen and observe closely the silent language that broadcasts your and others' real communications.

Life has aspects over which we human beings have no control, which is more reason to take charge of what we can. Your image is one thing you control completely... you actually have a monopoly on it.

Right now — today — take control of what you are casually communicating, before you speak a word.

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Personal Power
Take Control

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