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For things to change, first I must change.

Robert Kiyosaki


Business Casual Stories


Before, Jim does little to inspire trust. His shaggy hair and beard narrow his eyes, giving his face a closed, menacing look. His shabby knit shirt and frayed sneakers announce loudly that he appears sorely unsuccessful as an accountant.

Jim courageously shaved his ten-year-old beard and moustache after learning that facial hair could unconsciously elicit distrust from others. Initially, he had grown it to make him look older and more intelligent.

The starched-collared blue shirt and navyjacket elevate his visual presentation, increasing his personal power immediately. Dark blue is an excellent color to inspire trust on an unconscious level.

To project ultimate trustworthiness, Jim should not have his hands in his pockets. When inspiring trust, your hands should be easily seen to communicate that you have nothing to hide and to invite conversation from others.

We finished Jim’s professional look with high-quality wool trousers, a leather belt, and leather hard-soled shoes. Jim now looks as if he handles lucrative accounts. Visually inspiring trust and credibility, Jim exudes casual power.

One year after Jim’s makeover: he’s now with one of the big eight accounting firms. He reported that his makeover got him excited about his life again; through this process, Jim reconnected with his hope to achieve his dreams.

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