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Business Casual Tips

Defining Your Business Presence:
Professional Demeanor

Demeanor involves your manner and your nonverbal emotional tone. You may or may not be conscious of the overall emotional undertone that you are exuding.

Should I smile when I want to look professional?
Smiles can indicate a friendly, approachable, pleasant person. However, if a smile is too big and lasts for too long, when first meeting someone or entering a meeting, it can say that you're feeling nervous (or that you're a little goofy). Or others may also think that you are insincere or worse yet, that you're making fun of them.

Genuine smiles are almost always empowering. Professionalism and an overly serious manner are not one and the same. Nor is professionalism staid and boring. Highly professional people smile appropriately and they command respect. If you have trouble smiling or appearing approachable in a professional setting, try keeping your mouth open, just a little - not gaping - just lips slightly parted. This expression communicates that you have an open mind. Pursed, tight lips communicate a closed mind just as arms crossed do. And a tightly closed mouth signals an angry or self-righteous individual.

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Defining Your Business Presence
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