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Business Casual Tips

Defining Your Business Presence:
Fashionable Pants in the Workplace

Some pants that are "hot" on the fashion scene spell sabotage for you when worn in the workplace. Although fashionable, these styles do not speak a businesslike language.

  • Cargo pants - popular in men and women’s fashions
  • Draw-string waist pants - popular in men and women's fashions
  • Capri Pants - popular in women's fashions

All three styles connote leisure time or sporty activities. Enjoy them outside the workplace, but they are NOT empowering business-casual wear.

Additional Pant Tips

  • In menswear, flat-front trousers should not be cuffed; pleated trousers should be cuffed
  • Khakis are more empowering on blondes or those with light hair. If you have dark hair and want to wear khakis, opt for an olive, navy, black, or dark gray chino. Khakis and chinos must be pressed to exude professionalism.
  • Dress slacks/trousers are far more distinctive for business casual wear than khakis are. For an executive-level look, opt for dark dress slacks.
  • Corduroys are casual. Narrow wale cords are more slenderizing than wide wale corduroy styles.
  • Leather pants are generally not appropriate as office attire. While they may be acceptable in the fashion, beauty, and creative industries, they’re risky business for most workplaces.

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