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Business Casual Tips

Defining Your Business Presence:
Demystifying Business Casual

The word “business” is still the primary focus. Casual as it relates to apparel merely means "informal". Being too casual in business can sabotage your career. Think about these other definitions of the word "casual":

  • At random
  • Not serious or thorough
  • One that serves or appears at irregular intervals, especially a temporary worker

With that in mind, true "business casual is simply a comfortably relaxed version of traditional business attire with no sacrifice of professionalism or personal power" (page 18, Casual Power). Business casual is only a small step away from the General Business Attire category. All business environments require a certain level of professionalism or you risk not being taken seriously, losing respect, and stalling out in your career.

Excerpt from Casual Power, page 11:
The word “casual” fosters confusion. It demands to be decoded. Casual dress represents more than just one category of attire. Six classifications of informal dress have been incorrectly lumped together as “casual.” Failure to recognize and understand the nuances of these categories lays the foundation for the widespread confusion that exists today.

A diverse range of garments and accessories is represented within these six primary classifications. For example, shoes could mean hiking boots, sneakers, sandals, loafers, or high heels.

Six categories / classifications make up "casual dress":

See Casual Power, pages 11-19, for illustrations and examples!.

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Defining Your Business Presence
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Demystifying Business Casual
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